IT Tech

William Gary III is the trainer for this program IT Tech; he brings over 10 years in customer service, computer service in repair, upgrade, networking and trained with an Oracle Database Administration.  Students learn to upgrade and maintain an office network, configure and custom build PC’s to fit a business needs.  Students learn to monitor and maintain an office network remotely or on-site and learn basic security safeguards.  At the end of the program they’ll receive a certificate and feel confident in working in, or for a computer business; and have knowledge of what it will take to operate their own.  This course is eight weeks for two hours every week.


Students who are more serious in becoming a Computer Technician and DBA will be able to enter the second phase of the program which will consist of eight weeks of on the job training; they become an Apprentice of IT Tech, working five hours a day Monday through Friday.  They’ll receive a weekly stipend with hands-on-job-training and at graduation they’ll receive a certificate as a Computer Technician Apprentices.