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You could be directly instrumental in keeping a young people out of trouble and even out of jail. Image you’re in high school, the fall semester is coming and your parents can’t afford school clothes or supplies. The closer you get to school starting, the more pressure you feel, knowing you don’t have good clothes that fit, your fellow school mates will bully and destroy your self-confidence, if you show up tattered. Some kids in this position are more app to steal or just quit school altogether. Black lives matter! Help us!
1) Our kids participants in Teen Clean (The cleaning of the community)
2) Resume Development and Job Search
3) Mock Interviewing & Dressing for Success
4) Job Placement
5) Computer training
and so much more!
The Secret to Becoming an Effective Team Player

Work Ethics & Workplace Etiquette

Support an organization that is trying to uplift the community!
Uniting South Florida through Arts, Education and Social Services.
To facilitate community needs for job training and job placement by
empowering and teaching vocational and essential social skills that
will allow individuals to set attainable goals for a successful life
and enhance their community.

This is the umbrella program of a group of initiatives of the FLCC.  The objective of this program is to identify and inspire career aspirations, teach life skills, mentor and train, and subsequently place youth in sustainable employment, consistent with their interest and talents.  Implicit in the program structure is concurrently inspiring partners to hire the youth they have worked with through the program phases.  We plan to use our project, “Partnerships For Black Student Advancement,” to help secure partners to hire the youth in our programs.

Program Overview:

There are three independent initiatives which fall under the umbrella of the Inspire2Hire program, to wit:

  1. Discover Your Dream – This program is designed to expose youth to the types of careers that are available in an array of industries and career tracks.
  2. Pursue Your Passion – Once a direction is established for the youth, this program matches each participant to the appropriate training program for their career objective.
  3. Find Your Future – The final phase of the program focuses on the youth who have completed the training requisite for their chosen filed.  FLCC guides them through to successful completion of their job search and mentors them through their first year of employment.
All of these programs contemplate and leverage partnerships with other organizations in the area, including corporate, governmental, and non-profit agencies.  FLCC is responsible for tracking the success of each component of the Inspire2Hire program, creating meaningful milestones and objectives for the participants, partners and sponsors.  Criteria is developed for evaluating success of all aspects of the initiatives over time.  Appropriate data is collected for achievement assessment and reported .