Fort Lauderdale Community Center (FLCC) started in 2002, as IOG Community Youth Vocational Center in Stone Mountain, GA, teaching kids-at-risk a vocational skill in computer repair and terminology.  The concept, have them take a working system apart then put it back together working!  The system they put together they took home. We’ve since moved our headquarters to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2009.The mission has transformed over the last 12 years, there’s more focus on awareness and solutions to systemic issues facing the Black-African Community and all others. We have been sometimes activists, sometimes caretakers, often teachers and mentors, but always with that understanding we must bridge the digital divide, teaching young at-risk children the benefits of computer knowledge in hardware as well as software.

We quickly learned that before a child or young adult can receive instructions pertaining to a certain skill set, they must first have enough food to eat and a safe place to live. That’s how our non-profit evolved from being strictly a vocational center to a community center, teaching the benefits of computer repair, software development, television media, commercial signage and general life skills.

This lead to the creation of the Hope House, a transitional housing program for at-risk children, young adults and disabled veterans, teaching them a marketable skill. We saw the need for programs like Inspire2Hire, Diversity Training and projects that built partnerships, economic empowerment and cultural pride for our clients.


2002 to 2009 In Georgia:

  • Served over 3,000 clients, individuals, students and families.
  • Brought awareness of programs to the community and local
    officials through fundraisers; school supplies, clothing and food giveaways.
  • In 2004 we expanded our programs to include ages 5 to 9.
  • Helping Hands provided dinner every Wednesday and Feast
    Days feeding 30 to 500 people a site feed.
  • Amassed over 10,000 volunteer hours.
  • Implemented Positive Spin, a program dealing with anger management and life skills
    through television media training.
  • Gave away over 1,000 computers, laptops and tablets.
  • Raffled a 1988 Black Jaguar for our 2006 fundraiser.
  • Provided vocational training in audio engineering through our music program.
  • Hope House home shelter served 268 clients.
  • Hope House serves emancipated teens, disable veterans and
    families who are homeless at no fault of their own.

  • Offered after-school and summer programs
  • Program was contracted for 2 years at the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).
  • High performing students were offered a job  as a mentor their second year.
  • Volunteered 2 years with the Hope House Men Shelter & Rehabilitation Center.
  • Partnered with DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Became Georgia Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program. 
  • Members/Producers of DeKalb County Community Television 18 years.
  • Awarded contract for $750,000 to build and renovate a 16 acre property. 

2009 to Present In Florida:

  • Served over 500 clients, individuals, students and families and counting.
  • Bringing awareness of our programs to the communities of
    South FL through fundraisers, workshops & seminars.
  • Offer after-school and summer programs for ages 5 to 18
    teaching courses including Black History
  • Over 1,000 Volunteer Hours
  • Green WorkForce One Think Tank
  • Cultural Executives Committee
  • Cultural Steering Committee
  • Cultural Tourism Committee
  • Cultural Foundation Members 2009
  • Oakland park Main Street 2009
  • South Florida Artist Association 2009
  • Global Business Network 2009
  • CEO: Vice President of Broward Human Trafficking Coalition 2010 to 2011
  • CEO: New Appointment for Chair Cultural Advocacy Committee 2010
  • Broward County Haiti Relief Task Force 2010
  • Haitian American Law Enforcement Foundation 2010
  • Vocational training in commercial signage; Gary Signs.
  • Vocational training in computer service repair; IT Tech.
  • Vocational training in television media; FLCC Channel
  • Computer Lab Giveaway to Daycare Centers
  • Laptop Giveaways
  • Hope House Home Shelter having served 30 clients is working to end
    hunger and homelessness.
  • Transportation to work, school, after-care and doctor’s appointments.
  • Partnership with the African Student Union in Florida
  • FLCC Talent Agency: Booking the hottest band in South Florida,
    introducing, The Hope Band!
  • Economic Empowerment for Roosevelt Gardens
  • Mysteries at the Black Museums “New Project”
  • 2015 Black History Month Conference: “Healing the Racial Divide”
  • Diversity Training
  • Partnership For Black Student Advancement