Fort Lauderdale Community Center utilizes a result based accountability process.
Our goal is to increase understanding and functionally in technology for underprivileged
children, young adults and communities. We utilize a pre-test to determine present
knowledge and skill level.

Who are our clients? Primarily underprivileged children, teens and young
adults, however in recent years we have trained seniors, some of whom have
computer phobias.

We measure our services by post tests, to determine skill achievement. Although hard to
measure we have observed a marked increase in self confidence with our clients who
completed the program. The most important measure in our young adult clients is their
ability to find gainful employment after training.

We have identified and partnered with several cultural and social
organizations because they enhance the experience of our clients.

Through our computer service and repair training program, IT Tech, we
teach clients at a very young age the components of a computer system.

Through our television & video production training program, Positive Spin,
we teach television media, film, photography and studio pre & post production.

Through our entrepreneurial program Inspire2Hire, we teach
skills necessary to start and maintain or work for a business.

Through our commercial signage training program, Gary Signs, we teach skills
to take a person from novice to generating income, with a sign company.

Through our diversity training program, we teach inclusion, awareness, and
knowledge on the proper way to treat others of different backgrounds.

All clients of our Hope House shelter must be trained under one of these disciplines.

All of our programs are mobile.

We have successfully trained hundreds of individuals in professions that enhance and
empower their community. We also have programs in place that provide referrals and resources.