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Rudy’s Testimonal

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Aaron Green and I am writing to you, to recommend The Hope House program and all of Fort Lauderdale Community Center programs.

In 2002 I met Mrs. Gary through a summer program that taught computers repair and construction. The program was centered, around giving under privileged children and young adults not only a chance to own a computer, but also to attain marketable skills for later life. When I first met Hope seven years ago I was a part of the program and upon completion I was asked to mentor other kids the next year. I had very little going for myself during that time, being essentially a foster child from a broken home, but apparently Mrs. Gary saw potential in me. Over the next four years she kept me busy with after school and summer jobs all dealing with technology training, this was all great until I aged out of foster care and had no place to live.

In an act of selflessness Mrs. Gary through her Hope House Program welcomed me into her home and family, and to this day I work for the programs of the Center. I’m a sophomore in College which would not be possible without a place to live. Mrs. Gary said she is committed to seeing my through to my degree. Since I have been here, I have seen many teens, young adults and families come though these doors and live, until they could get on their feet.

Currently Mrs. Gary is working on The Broward Haitian Relief Task Force and is an integral part in collecting and moving supplies to Haiti. In addition to that she is bringing computer training to kids ages 8 to 12 years old at the New Mirawood Academy and working on a project at Roosevelt Gardens to bring technology to all the youth in that at risk neighborhood. Mrs. Gary’s greatest weakness is perhaps her inability to stop working, and her greatest assets is her dedication and deep desire to help others.

If you truly wish to help someone help others then Mrs. Gary and the Fort Lauderdale Community Center is quite honestly the best candidate. Their compassion and conviction for a cause is unrivaled, making any opposition to a good cause inconsequential. After meeting Mrs. Gary and her husband I learned that they started the community center to help kids who kept breaking into their community store. Her and Mr. Gary threw their resources into the community center until they fell on hard times and lost their house, but I believe it only served to harden their resolve in keeping others from experiencing the same feelings of loss and despair.

In conclusion, while you may find that there are many programs out there just as qualified on a academic and professional level, the Garys empathy and willpower for the good of others is unparalleled. No problem is too small, and no disaster too great for Hope to step in and make a big difference. I am a living witness. Aaron Green