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I love Positive Spin Youth Outreach!  I love the rap-sessions we have because it teaches us a lot and we get to express ourselves without parents around or being interrupted by a rude family member so I like it a lot! Quinnecia  2002 to 2005

I love Repairs of the Breach Computer Group. It gives me a chance to spend time with my Dad and friends at the same time, having fun and learning something good. I love what my Mon and Dad are doing, not just for me, but for all of us. Last year I went through the computer class. This year I’m a Mentor helping the new kids with the computer and net-working skills my Dad taught me. We had a lot of fun last year and I know it’ll be fun this summer too!  William 2002 to Present
William was accepted with full scholarship to Ben Franklin Academy, graduated in 2008 accepted to Georgia State, currently a Junior at Broward College, Major: Computer Engineering

We went through the program the summer of 2002 and learned computer repair and networking. We never had so much fun. At first when our parents told us we had to spend the summer at the camp where we had to learn something, we both kicked against it. But now, looking back on when we both put our own systems together, and being able to tell friends and family, the computer that sits in our bedroom we built!

It’s hard sometimes to believe. In our house we had one computer that was pretty much our parents, and it was hard to wait for a chance to use it with 5 people in our home, and 3 of us doing to school and work. But now the system we built is used just for us. This year we come back to the center as Mentors being a help to others like someone helped us.  Dwayne & Dwight 2002 to 2005

I think that the programs offered at the Community Center was very good activities for us teens to remember what we are here for. And what we are here for is to learn new things that will help us as we grow-up. With Positive Spin Youth Outreach I enjoy the conversations that we have, because they touch on vital issues that need to be discussed, I enjoyed Repairs of the Breach Computer Group because it helped me to understand computers more on how they do what they do, and what’s wrong with them when you get errors. Plus the system I have helps me with my homework and school projects.


When I met Mr. Gary and his wife, Hope I hadn’t finish High School. I was totally lost, this is not what I’d planned. I had no where to live, and no skills to get a good job that would help me to sustain myself. They took me into their home, got me into the programs at the Community Center and it change my life. I now have my GED, I’m working for the Community Center as the IT Coordinator for Repairs of the Breach Computer Group. June I I take my SAT’s, and this fall I enroll in Jr. College. Now I’m helping kids just like me, who’ve made some wrong decisions, and don’t know how to make it right. I’m now an Apprentice of Computer Bargain Centers learning what they taught Mr. Samuel, to be an IT Director.