Fort Lauderdale Community Center

20 years of fighting for Justice, Equality, and Human Rights in the Black Community!

Our programs teach real self-confidence and marketable skills

We have been under constant attack from the powers that be, who have used many Machiavellian tactics to destroy us, but we are still here!

Fort Lauderdale Community Center
1992 - 2021
20 Years of Service AIN'T THAT NICE? Florida Panthers donates $25,000 to
Fort LauderdaleCommunity Center
March 2020
have produce
productive members
of society!
20 Years of Service To under serviced (BLACK) communities 1992 The Center of the Community Our Programs have produce productive members of society! 20 Years of Service AIN'T THAT NICE?

Our Black top down organization has touched thousands of young people!


Summer Programs

2010 Nova University

In 2010 Fort Lauderdale Community Center partnered with New Mirawood Child Academy for the summer program!

Our kids


Just a small sample of the young lives we have touched!

Covid has changed our program delivery strategy! Our programs are temporary administrated virtually!

This summer 2021 begins our African Cultural Experience in Ghana, Africa!


AFRICAN CULTURAL EXPERIENCE - Activities or environments where individuals interact with individuals from different cultures in different settings.  After the CEO  of Fort Lauderdale Community Center arrived back too America from Ghana Africa's year of return. We realized that every black child should experience the Motherland! To find out there is a whole continent of people who look just like them is uplifting and self-esteem improvement.

about Fort Lauderdale Community Center


This summer 2021 begins our African Cultural Experience in Ghana, Africa!

Fort Lauderdale Community Center (FLCC) started in 2002, teaching kids a vocational skill in computer repair and terminology.The mission has transformed over the last 12 years. We have been sometimes activists, sometimes caretakers, often teachers and mentors, but always understanding that we must bridge the digital divide, teaching young at-risk children the benefits of computer knowledge in hard-ware as well as soft-ware.We quickly learned that before a child or young adult can receive instructions pertaining to a certain skill set, they must first have enough food to eat and a safe place to live. That is how our non-profit evolved from being strictly a vocational center to a community center, teaching the benefits of computer repair, software development, television media, commercial signage and general life skills.We have been collaborating on projects with great partners, like Prince2Kings, CEO Sharon Major-Hughes and new partner Iris Nevins with SistrunkSOUP to bring about awareness for economic empowerment and cultural pride for all our clients.

 The history of Black Fort Lauderdale has never been told along side it’s rich culture and we want to give voice to those who have none.  
It has been said that providers in this area have been  given enough funding for every child in the area to receive $50K each, yet the problems that plague our community are getting worse.  WHY?
Our purpose, bring awareness to what has happened and what the community needs to do to build economic empowerment.  Knowledge Is the key!  


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l.hOPE gARY ceo.