All Events In Chronological Order Starting with 2022

FLCC Twenty Years of Pics

2020 - 2022:  Ghana Cultural Exchange Program

2019:  Annual Art Auction An Evening of Hope

2018:  4th Annual Black Empowerment Summit

Black Out Loud!

2017:   3rd Annual Black Empowerment Summit

Building Black Wealth

FLCC Fifteen Years of Pics

2016:  2nd Annual Black Empowerment Summit

Politics - Economics & Social Change

2016:  Affordable Housing Summit

& Back2School Give Away

2015:  1st Annual Black Empowerment Summit

& Healing The Racial Divide

2015:  Inspire2Hire Summer Pilot

2012 - 2014:  Fundraising Events 

FLCC Ten Years of Pics

2011:  Summer Program with New Mirawood

Academy & Computer Donation of 100

2009 -2011:  Laptop and Computer Lab

Giveaways to DayCare Centers In Need

2008:  Summer Program & 70's Night Fundraiser

2007:  Retreat for Staff & Mentors

FLCC Five Years of Pics

2006:  Raffle for 1988 Jaguar

2005:  $250,000 Contract to Remodel

5 Acre Facility Providing Jobs to 30 Youth

2004:  Summer Program Graduation

for Students and Parents

2003:  Received 501C3 and Apprenticeship Certification from the Department of Labor

2002:  Started Nonprofit and

1st Summer Program for Youth